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So, since it's late in the game I'll just do a quick recap of the episodes so far (which you can go click through on the archives.) My plan for this blog is to watch the episode, jot down the major themes I notice throughout, recap them here, and then add my theories, predictions, and connections these theories have to the past to help everyone remember anything important they may have forgotten. (Since I'm a huge nerd.)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boat People, Friends or Foes -- Part 1: Frank Lapidus

I thought I'd take a few minutes to expand upon some questions my friend and I were discussing. I feel the the people on the Freighter are an interesting bunch. So far, we've been led to believe that they are the bad guys - both from people like Ben, and the writers of the show who suggested that those people mean business. However, I believe that each individual came with their very own goals and based on individual motives. This doesn't mean that the are good guys, buy just that they may not be exactly how they appear and they may not all be 100% loyal to whoever is in charge of their operation -- Charles Widmore?

Let's look first at Frank Lapidus. What we know about him so far is that he is an ex-Oceanic pilot who was scheduled to fly Flight 815 but was then replaced at the last minute by Sam. He had moved to Bermuda some time after the crash and seemed to be rather disheveled. The first questions that come to my mind are:

1. Why was he replaced? -- To me, this marks back room deals and conspiracies.

2. Why did he end up living in Bermuda? Did he quite because of what happened to Flight 815 or was he fired before he could learn the truth? Did he leave because of guilt over being the person who was supposed to be on the flight rather than his friend and fellow pilot Sam Norris who had a family? Was he fired for some reason? Why did he have the Flight 815 manifest memorized?

3. How and why was he chosen to be part of the freighter team? Was it so they could keep him under wraps after finding out that he had called Oceanic hotline to say the pilot in the footage wasn't the right person?

4. Why did he accept the job when he clearly didn't trust Oceanic, and most likely the people running the operation? Did he want to become a spy and keep an eye on what was going on? What personal interests could he have in taking the trip to the island?

5. Is he on the Losties' side? Is he the one who opened the door for Sayid and Desmond?

Stay tuned for a look at the rest of the sketchy freighter people! And, please leave your thoughts and comments!

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